Helium Sales Limited to Customers in Southeast Michigan Only

Limited Delivery Area:  If you are within in the roughly square area from Toledo to Jackson to Lansing to Flint to Port Huron and back down to Toledo you are in our delivery area  

Cylinder Sizes:  225 c.f., 242 c.f. and 285 c.f. (cubic feet) helium cylinders are available for delivery to our delivery area described above

Warehouse Pick-up & Refills:   If you own your own cylinders and want to refill them or wish to pick-up smaller sized cylinders you can do so at our Livonia Warehouse; we have cylinder sizes from 20 c.f. to 125 c.f. available for pick-up at our Livonia Warehouse and refill these same sizes if you own your own

Delivery Fee:  We charge a flat rate of $20 per delivery  in the Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw & Eastern Livingston; outside those areas the delivery fee is $25 and certain minimum order quantities apply.  Our delivery fee is a flat fee and we do not charge an additional hazmat or other hidden charges like many gas suppliers do.

Cylinder Rent:   We offer free cylinder rent for the first 30 days of cylinder use unlike many gas companies that charge from day 1 and we waive rent for high volume customers that purchase multiple cylinders per week.

Additional Safety and Inflation Equipment:   We offer a full range of helium regulators, safety stands, safety straps, inlfation equipment and regulator repair parts customer purchae. It is the customer's responsibility to safely handle and secure helium cylinders within their own premises, work site or vehicle if picked up at our warehouse and all ancilliary equipment is the customer's responsibilty to purchase from A2Z or another vendor.  

Helium Prices:  Customer pricing depends upon the average number of cylinders purchased each month; please click on the link below to view our current pricing chart which is subject to change at any time without notification.  The actual price level charged will be determined by A2Z Sales at its sole discretion including, if applicable, cylinder rental fees, delivery charges and delivery min. order quantities.  Helium may not be ordered on the website at this time so please contact A2Z Sales at (800) 527-5554 to order helium.