Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order? You may submit your order here on our site, call it in toll free at (800) 527-5554, send it to our toll free fax line at (877) 423-2885 or send it via email to Orders

Is there a minimum order? Yes, the minimum order is $50 because we are a wholesale distributor and our customers buy in bulk. Orders of less than $50 are subject to a $5 service charge. In addition there are minimum quantities on some items:

  • Flat Foil Balloons: 10 per style
  • Packaged Foil Balloons: 5 per style
  • Shapes & Jumbo Balloons: 3 per style

When will my order be shipped? If your order is placed by 2 PM Eastern it will be shipped the same day, orders after this time will be shipped the following day. Please allow for slightly longer shipping times immediately before major balloon holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

What if you are out of an item I ordered? We do not back order out of stock merchandise unless you request it. If an item is out of stock or discontinued, a salesperson will contact you and ask if you want to choose another item. If you want all back orders shipped please state this when you place your order.

Do I have to pay for shipping?We offer free shipping on balloons orders of $250 or more. We never offer free shipping on bulky or heavy items such as Hi-Float, weights, hex containers or air filled balloons but if you purchase these items with at least $250 in balloons, the balloons will still be shipped for free and you will only be charged the portion of shipping cost attributed to the bulky or heavy items.

What forms of payment are accepted and are credit terms available? You may request credit terms by requesting and submitting a credit application which we will review, but in most cases we request that you pay with a credit card. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. Your first order must be paid for with a credit card. We will not offer credit terms on a first order.

How long will it take together an order? We ship UPS Ground unless you request some other form of delivery. We ship out of Metro Detroit so shipments to Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana will be delivered next day. Shipping times to other areas take 2 to 4 business days depending upon how far from Detroit (see chart). Expedited delivery is available upon request but you must pay any shipping premiums over UPS Ground.

Is expedited shipping available? Yes we can ship overnight but you must pay the additional shipping

cost. If your order qualifies for free shipping you would be responsible for the cost difference between ground shipping and expedited shipping. If your order does not qualify for free shipping you would be responsible for the total shipping cost.

Do you ship to Mexico and Canada? No, our distributor agreements do not permit us to ship outside of the U.S. but we will be happy to refer you to a distributor in these countries. Please call us or send your request via e-mail to Sales

Do you sell personalized balloons? Yes we can have any sized foil or latex balloon custom imprinted with your personalized message or logo. The minimum order quantity is 100 balloons.

What about special orders or balloons that are not in your catalog? Because we buy from every balloon manufacturer in the U.S. we can buy any balloon that is currently in production and even some that are discontinued whether we stock the balloon or not. If you want a particular balloon please call or e-mail us with a description, picture, item number and/or manufacturer (the more information you have the better). If we do not stock the balloon, the minimum order quantity is usually 100 foil balloons or 1 case of 20 bags of latex balloons but we will review each request individually and if it is a popular balloon we may add it to our stock list.

Where do you ship from? We ship from Livonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Do you sell direct to the public? No, we are a wholesale distributor and our customers must prove that they are buying for resale or commercial purposes for us to sell to them. We do operate a retail store on the front of our warehouse in Livonia and a retail website called which does sell direct to the public.

What about sales tax? We do not charge sales tax if you have a resale license or if we are shipping outside the State of Michigan.

Are bulk discounts available? We have several different pricing levels that provide discounts based on the dollar amount purchased. Please see our Terms and Conditions for a complete description.

Do you sell helium? Yes we do but our delivery area is limited to Southeast Michigan. Please call our office for more details.